5 Cool Christmas Trees for Your Real Estate Office

5 cool Christmas trees for your real estate office. Small white gift boxes.

Decorate Your Lobby with One of These Cool Christmas Trees for Your Real Estate Office

The Christmas holiday season is upon us, so now is the time to decide if you want to use the same holiday decorations you have used the past several years, or maybe find something fresh and new?

Many real estate brokerages and other businesses have adopted a more open floor-plan which use high ceilings and brick or natural walls.

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Many real estate offices even in my own local area are repurposing old warehouses and historic buildings and making them new again with new adapted finishes.

If you might be in one of those type of spaces, or even if you just want a new look, one of these 5 cool Christmas Trees for your real estate office might be right for your space.

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The Upside Down Christmas Tree

One of the cool Christmas trees for your real estate office, but one that is always a conversation starter is the upside down Christmas tree. You don’t see many of them, and especially not in the office setting. So perhaps just for that reason one of these trees might be perfect for your space?!

What is fun about these, is that since the wider part of the tree is at the top, you can hang your most unique ornaments there, and they can really stand out.

Available in both lighted and non-lighted versions, and in many different price points.

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White Birch Christmas Tree

Another one of the cool Christmas trees for your real estate office and especially if your real estate brokerage office is a more open concept, perhaps with exposed brick or similar would be a lighted birch Christmas tree.

What is great about using one of these is its very simplistic look, and you don’t even have to decorate it, unless you want to.

Myself I would leave it undecorated since the lights and the white trunk would look amazing against the dark walls of brick, stone, or perhaps aged concrete.

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If you had to have some color, what I would suggest is putting a few simple packages underneath the tree, in simplistic shapes like those above.

Another option is to wrap those gifts boxes yourself in bold-colored metallic paper, so they really stand out against the starkness of the tree, and surrounding walls.

Tinsel Christmas Tree

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Another one of the cool Christmas trees for your real estate office, and perhaps a throwback to earlier years is a tinsel Christmas tree.

The trees are available in many sizes, just find one in a scale that best fits the space that you are planning to set it up in.

This tree is one of the best cool Christmas trees for your real estate office as we approach the 2020’s and they offer not only silver, but also other colors of tinsel!

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Available in many sizes, and also watch the number of branches you would like on your tree.

If you want a more simplistic looking tinsel tree like the 50-60’s when these were popular, go with fewer branches, and perhaps light it with a color light wheel.

If you want to have a pre-lit tinsel tree, or something that you can decorate a bit more traditionally, but still have the more trendy look, then get a fuller tree with more branches, or tips.

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Lighted Christmas Wall Tree

If you don’t have much room for your tree, but you would still like to have one, perhaps a wall Christmas tree would be a great option.

These trees are available in many sizes, and are mounted right on a contrasting wall.

Most of these trees are available using battery power, but some are available as plug-in. Personally I would like plug-in, but then again if you don’t have a power source near by, the other option would be best.

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Lighted Christas Holiday Tree with LED’s

No one ever said that you have to only use outdoor trees outdoors.

If you really want to make a statement with your tree this year, why not put up any of the myriad of outdoor LED trees that are available.

Like the willow tree above, they come in many shapes and sizes. What is wonderful about these Christmas trees is their simplistic design which looks amazing in open office spaces.

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Bonus: Tropical Palm Lighted Christmas Tree

As a bonus, if you might have an office in the warmer climates like Florida, or perhaps California, perhaps a lighted palm Christmas tree might be the best option.

With these lighted palms you can opt to decorate with Christmas ornaments or not, and they allow you to bring the holiday spirit in.

They look great for office decoration during the Christmas holiday season, but in fact look great all year round if a tropical theme works with your real estate office.

Available in many styles and heights, but personally I like the taller ones, and with more than one tree trunk, but that may be just a personal preference.

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So Which Tree is Right for Your Real Estate Office?

Yes, it is really hard to decide which Christmas tree would be right for your real estate or brokerage office. Tall, short, trendy, traditional and how much to spend?

I hope that the suggestions above have been helpful in helping you to decide on a tree this year.

If not and if you need more options click here for a large assortment of Christmas trees that will ship direct to your office, or home.

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If you did find one, post in the comments below. Perhaps your comments will help others to decide on the perfect cool Christmas tree for their office, or perhaps even for their home.

Please note, that the links on this page may be affiliate links, including some that are Amazon Affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I may also receive compensation from other vendors, but you do not however pay more!

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