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Our Approach

Why do we what we do? One short reason, and a pretty simple one to understand. We want you to be successful, both as a real estate professional, and as a hard-working business person. We do the “leg work”, so you don’t have to. Our leadership is out there marketing listings, in his business just like you, and he knows how challenging it can be. He wants to offer you the same products, and tools he uses in marketing. For you to have a successful business, and thrive!

Our Story

The leadership here at JustRealEstateMarketing.com, started in real estate in the years of the telephone book style MLS. Had a real estate career taking turns both in, and away from real estate, and marketing, then came back home. What has been missing in real estate since our leadership returned, is a place where you can get real estate marketing advice from the field. A place where you can shop at one store and get everything you need. A store where you can buy real estate marketing items using the guidance of peers who have actually use the items. Other real estate professionals who offer reviews so you can make sure you never waste your money buying something you can’t use. Allowing you to make your real estate marketing more efficient, more cost-effective, and in turn allowing you to be more successful!

Meet the Team

This is where we are supposed to write something inspiring, and catchy, but we have chosen just to be honest. Our site, is here for you, and because of you. We will always try our best, and with the support of our partners at Amazon.com, we are pretty sure we will always succeed. fullsizeoutput be2d square

Your Real Estate Marketing Pro

Founder & CEO Have been in the trenches with you, and have been able to pull myself from the mud, but using smart marketing, and great tools to make my clients listings sell. Love to share what I have learned! fullsizeoutput be2d square

Aka – The Sourcing Guy

Finder of Cool Things Checking all the nooks and crannies of Amazon.com, to find you the best tools that you can use in your real estate business. Offering you unique finds to help you differentiate you from the rest. Finding gifts, for clients and colleagues that wow! fullsizeoutput be2d square

Affectionately – The Geeks

IT Task Crushers A team of Geeks who help us keep the site in check. From the email lists, to the photos, to the crazy stuff that can happen, even when you are supported by the awesome team at GoDaddy.com.

Have you checked out the blog?

Click the link to be taken to the blog where you can read about tools we have used, we have found, or really great products for you to consider in your real estate business. Already used it, then share your experience in the comments section, and help others. Read the Blog

Looking for the Legal?

Want to know more about JustRealEstateMarketing.com, your protections, how your information will be used, and other legal stuff? If you do, click the button to read a LOT more! Read the Legal

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