American Flags for Real Estate Agents

Prospect your farm neighborhood and be remembered by your past clients in real estate

White picket fence with red and white flowers and shrubs with small American flags to the side, with American Flags for Real Estate Agents overlay.

With the Fourth of July holiday, fast approaching now is the perfect time to think about what type of promotion you might do for your real estate clients.

You have several options if you want to do a “touch” of your past real estate clients.

Plus being at the half-way point of the year, it’s a great time to reach out to your past clients. Even if it something as simple as sending them a patriotic themed card, or offering them an American flag to put into their yard.

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The Fourth of July holiday is also a great time where you can actually do a prospecting campaign for your entire farm area and/or at minimum the neighborhood of your own home.

Fourth of July Themed Postcards, Greeting Cards, and Notecards

One option would be to send 4th of July themed postcards, notecards, or greeting cards. This is a task that can be done in advance and even facilitated by your assistant. Perhaps have your children help on for extra spending money.

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Small American Flags on Sticks for the Fourth of July

Now if you want to do something a little bit more adventurous, you can actually give your clients American flags to celebrate the Independence Day holiday.

Your options are pretty diverse and only depend on the amount of personal time you have, and of course your budget for marketing. Keep in mind you will need to deliver the flags or have them delivered. Account for that time and/or costs in your budget.

I know myself in the past I have done individual American flags and then I have attached a business card magnet and shortly before the holiday have driven around my personal neighborhood and put those flags out by the mailbox.

Remember that you cannot put the flag or the card in a client’s mailbox because that is illegal. I know some people who have done that thinking that it would be O.K. but later found that it was not due to postal regulations.

Full-Size American Flags for the 4th of July

Another option that will require a bit more budget, but I have seen done by a Realtor in my parent’s neighborhood is to purchase full-size American flags with poles, and give them to each neighbor. This marketing plan will not be cheap, so consider doing this only in your farm area or your own neighborhood.

This option can be facilitated with some time and money invested. When I have seen it done, it will require enough flags to cover the entire neighborhood. You will want to label the flags in some way, so the homeowner doesn’t forget where they got their flag from.

Finally, you will want to launch your marketing plan with ample time to deliver the flags yourself to each home. You will be leaving the flags there for the upcoming holiday as well as future use. You will however want to introduce yourself as being their local real estate agent.

Keep in mind that if you’re reading this in June 2020 that at this time most people are still concerned about COVID-19. You may need to adjust your plans accordingly.

A suggestion for 2020 would be to place the flag in the ground of each home the days before the holiday. Also, leave a personalized card in the client’s door, or attached to the flag so that they know where it came from.

Plus as I mentioned earlier, you will want to mark the pole of the flag in some fashion with your name and contact information for future reference.

One way to deliver the flags is do the delivery on the Friday night, or Saturday morning at the latest of the weekend of the holiday.

You would go to each house introduce yourself giving them a business card or better yet business card magnet and tell the homeownere that you’d like to give them the flag so that they can put it out for the Fourth of July.

A very simple conversation, you’re not asking for a listing or anything. All you are doing is offering the homeowner something free of charge to celebrate our country‘s birthday.

Now I have heard of people who have done this without the introduction, but I don’t suggest that. Let them have a face to put with the name if possible.

Another one of my real estate agent colleagues said that he actually expanded upon this idea and not only did it in his farm, but also did it for a neighborhood that he wanted to farm.

It was pretty much a similar method as far as offering the flag to the homeowner and giving them a business card magnet, except he didn’t already have a relationship with them. They were not in his farm nor were they a past client.

My colleague actually initiated this marketing plan a couple of years ago, and the last time we spoke about it he said that he had received several listing opportunities, there. Of those, about 60% of them turned into business for him.

What I’m thinking the reason for his success would be twofold. One is he did an introduction and he gave them the business card magnet. That business card magnet more than likely stayed on their refrigerator. He remained top of mind that way.

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The other reason I think he might’ve been successful doing this method is that since he gave them something that they were proud enough to place in front of their home he created an emotional connection.

Those types of personal connections as you know will allow you to stay in the back of a client’s mind. Then when it’s time to find a real estate agent to list their home, you move to the top of mind.

Either way looking at this marketing plan the risk and expense are a little higher initially, but I do think this is an effective method. You not only help the client celebrate the holiday you also establish a new farm area.

These are just two of the possibilities that you can do that would include offering an American flag to clients for the Fourth of July holiday. I’m sure that there are many others that I haven’t thought of.

If you’ve been using this method with success and you want to share any do’s or don’ts, please post your comments in the space below. 

Oh by the way, Happy Fourth of July!

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