Best Forehead Thermometers for Your Real Estate Office

Protect your office staff & agents with temperature checks using a forehead thermometer or meter

White forehead thermometer - best forehead thermometer for your real estate office

If you are a real estate Broker, I’m sure you know how important it is to provide a safe space for your agents. That is why it is so essential to have the best forehead thermometers money that your budget will allow on hand in your real estate office.

In our post coronavirus world, all businesses see massive changes in how they do business and the preparation involved for the business day and, last but not least, the office space’s layout.

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One of the more effective ways of keeping COVID-19 from walking in the door of your real estate office is to use non-contact or forehead thermometers at the door.

I’m sure you’ve seen these devices before, perhaps at your general practitioner or doctor.

The purpose is pretty simple. Rather than taking a temperature orally or even less effective, asking and an employee if they might have a fever, you point the thermometer at their forehead. Within seconds, you have an accurate temperature reading.

Many of these forehead or non-contact thermometers are relatively affordable and reliable.

Seven of the best selling forehead thermometers on Amazon, you can see below.

Top Sellers in Forehead Thermometers for the Office

You do want to read the reviews on each of them to make sure that they meet your needs and make sure that the studies indicate that they are products that would be most useful in your office environment.

As I’m sure, you are aware that there is a lot of debate about whether an employer could be held liable for any sickness that develops in the office. But even if there isn’t, you want to provide a safe space for everyone coming and going.

These thermometers are great for checking the temperature of yourself and your office staff.

More importantly, you can test your real estate agents by taking their temperature, which would be even more critical. Why do you ask? It’s because they are out in the field meeting clients every day, which could lead to becoming infected with the coronavirus.

Of course, as well as thermometers, there are numerous other items that you should have on hand in your office. Things such as disinfectant wipes, disposable masks for agents, or clients, and you would also want to have Purell or some other type of disinfectant hand cleaner and have that placed in numerous locations in your office space.

If you have more questions about what you might need in your office, you may consult the CDC website at this link here. They have plenty of information that is updated often on how to keep your office space safe.

Are you currently using a thermometer in your office? If you have been for a while, post your comments or suggestions on its use below.

Any other suggestions on how to keep a real estate office safe? Please post in the comment section below; other real estate Brokers may find them helpful!

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