Christmas Pop-By Gifts for Real Estate Agents

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A Selection of Some of the Best Pop-By Gift Ideas for December and for the Christmas Holiday

December and the Christmas holiday season is a great time to pop-by your past and current real estate clients home, to deliver a gift to let them know you are thinking about them. That is even when they may not be thinking of you!

But what gift to pop-by with? The options are pretty endless, but below are a couple of my personal favorites, those that I have dropped by myself, and a few that my colleagues have suggested. All these pop-by gifts have a holiday, or December theme.

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Christmas Holiday Gift Basket

One of the tried and true pop-by gifts for Christmas, the holidays, or about any time of year for clients is the holiday gift basket.

Now, more than ever there are so many to choose from. And, you can spend very little, especially useful if you have a lot of clients names on your list. Or can buy a gift basket that is a bit more expensive should you want to get only your best clients a gift.

These are a few examples available in the food, and gourmet category. If you are unsure as to what a clients family might enjoy during the holiday, these are all great pop-by gifts.

A tip if choosing a gift basket with foods, nuts, or cheeses it it. Purchase the basket early, and deliver the gift basket as early in the month as you can.

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If you are the first to their door with your thoughtful gift, it will be much better received, and enjoyed.

If you wait into the later weeks in December, you may find your gift is yet more food on their table, and your thoughtful gift will have less impact.

Specialty Christmas Tree Ornament

If you prefer to give pop-by gifts that are more from the heart, and that perhaps represents the past, and your relationship with your clients, this may be the gift for you to give.

Plus, an added bonus of giving a specialty Christmas tree ornament, is that not only is the gift thought of when you give it this year, but will be remembered (and you too) for years to come.

There are many options, and price points or Christmas tree ornaments.

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One suggestion would be for first-time home buyers, get them an ornament representing their first year in their home. There are several style available, including those that can be personalized.

Another option might be for the repeat-buyer is to get them a new home ornament, perhaps dated representing the first year in their new home.

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For the client that those options don’t work, perhaps a Hallmark Keepsake Ornament will be the perfect gift. The Hallmark collection has been around for decades, and every year when the ornament is retrieved, and put on the tree, you will be thought of.

The last suggestion if you and your clients really bonded, and you know a passion, hobby, or sport that they love, and couldn’t live without, perhaps get them an ornament commemorating that.

Hallmark offers so many ornaments for the Christmas holiday season that can reflect the sports enjoyed, hobbies, and passions of the recipient of the gift.

Snow Globe

Another beautiful gift, and one of my personal favorites is a lovely snow globe. You can get one for your clients that reflect the transaction you did with them, like new home, or first-time buyers.

If you choose, you could instead give them a snow globe personifying the city, or state where their home is.

Another option will be to give a snow globe that is tied to a favorite character, sport, city or hobby of your client. There are so many options, let your creativity run wild.

Christmas and Holiday Cards

Of course, if time or distance is an issue, and perhaps you might not even pop-by your clients home, you can always drop off, or send a holiday, or Christmas card.

Greeting cards are always a nice gesture since so few people send snail-mail these days. You may be one of very few to give it the thought. Your clients will love it!

Pies for the Holiday Season

Whole pies, either store-bought, or hand-made in your own kitchen, are always a wonderful gift to give during the holiday season.

One note, much like a gift basket, this is once again a gift to give early so it can be enjoyed before the height of the feasting during the holidays.

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If you want to step it up a notch, as well as the pie, or cake, you might also give them something nice to keep it in.

Your clients will not only use their pie, or cake keeper during this holiday, but moving into the years, and the years to come they will think of you when they store a newly made, or purchased pie, or cake.

Wrapping Paper Sets and Boxes

A gift that is always received graciously, and can be a real help to your clients is a wrapping paper set.

Often a wrapping paper gift set will include not only wrapping paper and bows, but some will include boxes, tape, and anything else you might need to wrap a gift.

Now, once again this is a gift that you will want to give very early in the season, for maximum impact, and helpfulness to your client.

If you don’t see a wrapping paper set above that you like, why not make one of your own? You can buy the wrapping paper storage box, and then purchase the paper, ribbons, scissors, tape and gift tags, and make your own to give.

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The last gift that I can suggest, and one that will certainly be loved by your client, be them a homeowner, or even a single person living in a condo will be this gift.

A live poinsettia is such a beautiful gift to give, and can either be dropped-off by you, or you can have it sent direct to your client.

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If you choose the last option, be sure to see if there is a way of adding a greeting, or perhaps watch your email for delivered date, and then make a holiday greeting call to your client to follow-up once it is delivered.

A call to check-in gives you the opportunity to chat with your past real estate client, and also is a great way to make sure that the gift was delivered to the right home.

Well, did any of the Christmas Pop-By suggestions above catch your fancy? Have you come up with another idea, that you might want to share? Have you done a different pop-by during the month of December, and you want to share that?

If you have pop-by suggestions for the month of December, of any comments at all, please use the form below. I look forward to hearing from you!

Please note, that the links on this page may be affiliate links, including some that are Amazon Affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I may also receive compensation from other vendors, but you do not however pay more!

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