Disposable Cups for Brokers Opens

Shop for Disposable and Low-Cost Cups for Broker’s Opens/Open Houses

Want to hold a successful open house or brokers open? Many agents these days go the extra step of offering snacks and/or beverages to guests. These cups from various vendors are great for using at your next open house event.

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General Purpose Plastic Glassware

Plastic glassware for almost any use during your next open house, or Broker’s Open event.

Plastic Glassware for Serving Wine

Serving a fine wine at your next Broker’s Open? Don’t use just any plastic cup, use these varieties specifically for wine service.

Plastic Glassware for Serving Champagne & Sparkling Wine

Serving a champagne or sparkling wine at your next Broker’s Open? Well, then it’s obvious you want your even to stand out, take it up a notch by using the appropriate glassware too!

Plastic Glassware for serving Juice or Water

Considering a “brunch” style Broker’s Open, or perhaps you don’t want to serve anything alcoholic to  your guests for cost-savings, or liability issues. You can still make your event special by using any of these various cups for serving.