Halloween Cards for Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Halloween Cards on White Background with Pumpkins and Bats

Send Greetings to Your Clients at Halloween When They Won’t Expect It

Halloween is a great time to send your clients, and personal friends greeting cards.

First off, they won’t expect them since so few people send cards at Halloween. Most people wait for Christmas, and related holidays.

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Second, Halloween is a fun time to send cards, since you can be so creative. Well, that is if you enjoy the holiday.

Options are more traditional Halloween cards that portray pumpkins, bats, ghosts and perhaps Jack-o-lanterns. Those are always fun to send, and they are so many styles to choose from.

Another option is if you don’t have a large list of clients to send to, and you want to be more memorable, and creative is pop-up Halloween themed cards. Some of the styles available are quite amazing, and will most likely become a keepsake.

If your client, or friends list is large, then you may want to save some money by sending Halloween themed postcards instead. They are usually a bit cheaper to mail, and most styles will cost a bit less per card too. They still offer a great way to remain top-of-mind to your clients.

Finally, you could always step up to the next level and send a Halloween themed gift basket instead. You could go this option instead of a gift basket at Christmas time, and you will certainly be remembered for it, since no other Realtor or business will be sending them most likely.

No matter what you choose, Halloween is a great time to send greetings to your clients. It’s a great time to reach out. Especially since the competition for your clients attention will be less, then it would be at Christmas when everyone is sending something.

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