Halloween Gift Baskets

Halloween Gift Baskets for Real Estate on wood Halloween background

Gift Baskets in a Halloween Theme for Real Estate and Business Clients

Any of this selection of Halloween gift baskets would be a surprise for your real estate clients during the October holiday season.

A gift basket is a fantastic closing gift. You work with your clients for quite awhile helping them find their new home, and you get to know them well. You get to know their spouse, and family too!

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You find them a home, and it’s closing day, so you get them a gift basket to help them celebrate.

Sure, if they mention liking wine, you get them a wonderful wine gift basket for closing. Perhaps with a selection of local wines, or sought after favorites from around the world.

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If your clients mention liking to entertain, maybe you get them an assorted cheeses, and spreads gift basket.

If they are a first-time home buyer, maybe you make them a gift basket, and include tools that they may need in their new home, like a screwdriver set, or maybe a set of pliers.

If your first-time homes buyers new home has a yard, maybe you make a lovely gift basket with assorted landscaping tools. That is actually what I was given when I bought my own first home, and it was such a delight to have them. And useful too!

As you can see, the possibilities are endless when it comes to closing gifts.

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Now, what about a holiday gift basket, what do you give your real estate or business clients then? That’s when everybody is usually giving from the same set of standards, and those Christmas holiday gift baskets are not that unique. Yes, they are lovely, but not unique.

Another problem with giving a gift basket to your clients during the Christmas holiday season, is that everyone else is doing it too!

If they have business relationships with other vendors, they will possibly get a basket from them. If they go to a workplace, most likely there will be gift baskets delivered by the companies vendors.

Plus, if they have a workplace they go to each day, if theirs is like many of ours, food is plentiful, and by mid-December, tiresome. Especially when combined with the baking going on at home, as well as snacks at parties you attend.

So, how do you and your business stand out? Why not try something different and instead of a gift basket in December during the holiday season, instead you don’t give a gift basket then at all.

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Well, you still give your clients a basket, but not when they expect it. Perhaps give them one with a Halloween theme?!

Sure giving a gift basket is unconventional, but that is why your gift will stand out!

Think about it, you give a gift to your dear client when he or she is not expecting it.

You give a gift basket that is for a holiday that almost everyone celebrates in one form or another.

The gift basket you give, can allow you to be as creative as you want to be. You can give a pre-made Halloween themed gift basket, or you can step up your game further, and make a speciality basket, with your own selection of hand-selected treats.

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Your baskets can have creative Halloween themed containers, fun trinkets, and toys. Perhaps include candies, and other sweets that your clients are sure to enjoy. Sure, they will most likely share with their kids too, sharing the joy your basket will bring.

Plus, your gift basket still allows you to thank your client for their referrals, and business, and to let them know you care.

And, your clients will not expect it, and your Halloween themed gift basket most likely will be the ONLY one like it that they will receive. A win-win for you, and something that will make your clients smile!

There are a large selection of Halloween gift baskets available, and in many price-points. You can see some of them at this link.

Want to make your own basket, click here for a selection of specialty baskets, perfects for building your own Halloween themed gift.

Remember it’s always the thought that counts when giving a gift, but why not try do something truly special, all the while letting your clients, friends, or business associates know how much you care!

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