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Realtor Halloween Gift Ideas for Clients

As a Realtor, or real estate agent the Halloween season is a great time to remember your clients by delivering them a Halloween pop-by gift. It’s also a fun-time too, since it allows you to be a bit silly, creative, and maybe even a bit scary!

There are a lot of options when it comes to Halloween gift ideas for your real estate clients. Most are pretty economical, and you can really can’t go wrong with whatever you decide to give.

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A suggestion is if the home is adults only, you may want to stick to adult themed gifts, and treats. Remain tasteful though, as you would never want to offend.

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If there are children in the home, especially younger children, I would suggest lots of Halloween treats, and toys be offered.

Also, take your gift basket, or Halloween themed pail to their home early, before the haul from trick-or-treating finds your gift getting lost in the candy euphoria.

Halloween Pop-By Gift Suggestions

Below are just a few of the ideas that I have either used in my own real estate business, or I have seen other real estate agents use.

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Pumpkin Carving Kit

Adults and children alike love to carve their own pumpkin, and many families do just that.

Even if the clients do not have children, if they live in a neighborhood, they most likely will have a pumpkin to carve. That is because a lighted pumpkin is a sure sign of treats being available to neighborhood kids when they go trick-or-treating on Halloween night.

Pumpkin carving kits can be as simple, or elaborate as your budget will allow. Plus, your clients will remember your thoughtfulness each year when they go to carving their family pumpkin.

Can’t see your client ever carving a pumpkin, or perhaps they might live in a condo, or neighborhood without kids. Then give them a lighted plastic or foam pumpkin, or decoration so that they can enjoy the holiday, without the mess of a real pumpkin.

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Mini Flashlight

These can be a bulk-purchase if you have enough clients that you are preparing gifts for. These mini flashlights are inexpensive when bought individually too!

Giving mini flashlights to your clients will be seen as helpful, and of great kindness should your clients have children going trick-or-treating. They allow them to be safe that night, and the flashlights can be utilized during other times of the year.

Halloween Candy

You can never go wrong with trick-or-treating treats, or Halloween candy, especially if there are children in the home.

If you really want to make things special, pick up some mason jars, or small Halloween themed buckets, and make up a gift offering using those.

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Halloween Themed Printable Tags

To accompany your gift jar of candy (above), you may want to attach any of the great Halloween gift tags available.

Using the gift tags, should you choose, you can personalize your gifts for each family, by marking who they are for.

You can then be sure to put just the right types of candy, or Halloween toys depending on the personality of each family you plan to give them to.

Trick-or-Treat Bags or Buckets

When there are children in the home, you can never go wrong with a nice Halloween themed bucket, or perhaps a canvas trick-or-treat bag. Tag it with a gift tag, and pre-fill it with just a bit of candy, before it is filled on the big night!

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Hide-a-Key Rock

A great gift for your adult client, is a hide-a-key rock, or case. It is one of those items that we all wished we had thought of the last time we got locked out of our home.

Halloween T-Shirts

If you know your clients personality (and size), you might consider a fun Halloween T-shirt for your clients. They will love your creativity, and they will be sure to think of you as they wear it each year.

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Halloween or Fall Themed Banner

If your clients live in a home, you may want to consider something for their home, like a Halloween, or fall themed garden banner.

Banners come in all budget price-points and styles, so you will be sure to find just the right one for your clients home.

Plus, if you give a banner, they will remember you yearly, and for a month or more when they have it hanging outside their house.

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Halloween Candy for Adults

Finally, if you are like me even though I do not have small kids who might trick-or-treat, I do love Halloween candy. You can surprise your clients with a gift basket, or jar filled with candies like Reese’s cups, lollipops, or even candy corn.

Delivering Your Gifts

Just a reminder, for maximum effect, and more importantly thoughtfulness, you want to give your Halloween gifts out early.

Especially for your clients who have children, I would suggest delivering your gift a minimum a week or more before Halloween night.

Delivering a week or so before will allow the children in the family to enjoy the candy you give, at a more leisurely pace, keeping their parent(s) happy.

For the adult “kids” on your list, it will allow them too to enjoy the candy, but also allow them to prepare for the big night by using your carving kit for their pumpkin, or hanging the banner that you gave them.

Also, don’t forget if you get them a Halloween themed tee, it will allow them to wash it out, before wearing it to work, school, or any Halloween party that they may be attending.

In Closing

I hope that these ideas are helpful, and even if you didn’t find a gift on this list that met your standards, or expressed your business style, that it did get your creative juices flowing. I hope so that you can give your clients something that would be uniquely from you.

Please share your thoughts, and if you do use any of the ideas above, how were the gift(s) received? Post in the comment space below.

If you didn’t use these items, but perhaps found something else even better, please share below also. Who knows, maybe your ideas will inspire other real estate agents, or Realtors.

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