Jewelry for Real Estate Professionals

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Great Real Estate Agent Christmas Gifts of Jewelry

The holidays are upon us, and if you have a real estate agent, or perhaps a Realtor in your household, you may want to get them a gift that matches their vocation.

A gift with the real estate theme would let them know that you thought about what they do for hours on end on weekdays and weekends.

Real estate themed jewelry is also a kind gift since many items like rings, charm bracelets, or cufflinks can be conversation starters with a Realtor’s real estate clients

There are many options available, but below are a selection of the many items available currently. Click on any image to see more images, reviews, details, and current pricing.

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Real Estate Agent Charm Bracelet

Charms and charm bracelets are a timeless gift. You can start simple with perhaps a bracelet with just a couple of charms with a real estate theme, then you can add to it year after year.

A charm bracelet is a great gift, and a great conversation starter for a real estate agent. It’s commented on often, and opens the conversation to what they do for a living.

Cufflinks for Real Estate Agent

If you, or someone you know wear French cuff shirts, then cufflinks are a wonderful gift.

Like charm bracelets, cuff links offer to start a conversation about real estate, but without the agent having to start it. They also add a dressiness to any look.

Real Estate Agent Key Ring

A more subtle gift, but one that is always well received is a real estate themed key ring.

As you can see below, there are a LOT of options, materials and price points. Suitable for both male and female real estate agents.

Lapel Pin for Realtors and Real Estate Agents

My personal favorite to show that I am a Realtor is the lapel pin.

I wear my lapel pin almost daily when I am in the public since it’s a subtle reference to my being in real estate, but without the flashiness of other clothing and accessories that can advertise.

It almost always starts a real estate conversation, and looks great with everything from jackets, suits, or even just a button-down collar shirt and jeans.

Earrings for Real Estate Agents

Another favorite among the ladies in my real estate office is the earring with a real estate theme.

I have seen so many options and levels of “flashiness”, and the earrings always seem to be a hit, and certainly starts a conversation about real estate.

Real Estate Agent Necklaces

Another option for jewelry with a real estate theme for the ladies is the necklace.

This is an option that you can really use your personality and personal flare. You can have one as subtle as you want, or as flashy!

Other Gift Ideas for a Real Estate Agent

Still not sure what to get for the Realtor or real estate agent in your household?

These are options that as well as jewelry, also include t-shirts, sweaters, polos, and other items. All with the real estate, or Realtor theme.

Please note, that the links on this page may be affiliate links, including some that are Amazon Affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I may also receive compensation from other vendors, but you do not however pay more!

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