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Laptops used to be a luxury, especially for real estate professionals, and Realtors. In the past a Realtor had to travel to an office to use a computer, and in the early days, you even shared. Wow, hard to imagine how quickly things have changed.

Now, real estate agents and Realtors have a vast assortment from which to choose, much like many professionals. Below are a handful of those currently being offered by Amazon, and pricing changes hourly. See something you like, or need more information, put it in your cart until you are ready to buy.

Also, don’t forget accessories you will need such as ink, paper, etc. Plus, a very important item that anyone using a laptop in the field should have, a laptop bag to protect your investment. Take a look at those, before you place your order.


Now, of course desktops computers have been around as long as computers have been in the home or office. Amazon offers all the major brands, at outstanding pricing versus the big-box retailers, most times with quick/free shipping, and unbelievable guarantees and service.

These are a handful of desktops currently available thru Amazon, and be sure to click any of the images to see more details, reviews, and other products offered. See something you like, don’t forget to save it in your cart.

Technology & Accessories

Don’t forget cables, mice, screen protectors, skins and other items you will need to get the job done, and your clients happy!

Laptop & Computer Cases

A necessity to protect your valuable investment. These are but a few of the laptop and computer cases available, but be sure to click any image or the search to see many more.

Computer Furniture & Desks

A comfortable work space is so important to both get the job done, and for your health. Ergonomics are key to being able to have a productive day or not. Sure you may tough it out at the local Starbucks, but you can’t do that all the time, can you?

These are desks, chairs, etc. currently available through Amazon, and if you check many are at a discount, and some with free or heavily discounted shipping. Not sure if you should buy, don’t forget the very informative and honest reviews that many items have, which may help you select what is best for you. If in doubt, drop me a line in the comment section, and I will see if I can help. I have tried about every option, believe me!