Latex-Free Gloves for Real Estate Agents

Blue latex-free guns - latex-free gloves for real estate agents

Disposable Gloves for Realtors and Real Estate Professionals to Use for Open Houses, Showings, and Marketing Tasks

During these challenging times of viruses, influenza, and other threats many boards of Realtors and real estate associations are suggesting to members that they use latex free gloves.

Realtor boards or real estate firms are often suggesting gloves for tasks such as doing real estate showings, and open houses if allowed. Also when in the office when doing tasks that you might be coming in contact with others. (items, surfaces other office mates might have touched)

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I know myself as a Realtor I have made sure to order disposable gloves or latex free gloves for those “high touch” instances and any others that I may feel like there is a threat.

Of course the CDC and other health and safety organizations do suggest that the best way to protect yourself is to stay at home. Of course, that is very hard to do when you are in real estate sales.

Yet, when staying at home is not an option the CDC does say that even more effective in controlling the spread of the virus is not to wear gloves. Rather they say to avoid touching the face, etc., during activities, and to wash your hands with soap, thoroughly and often.

If you might like to know which latex free gloves I purchased and am using they are shown below.

How I selected them was by reading the reviews that you can see by clicking on the image. Another factor was also that the lead-time was manageable for what I needed.

Since so many people and organizations are having to find this and other products, lead-times can be long, so you will want to order well ahead of actually needing them.

Chef's Star Vinyl Gloves, Heavy Duty Large Disposable Gloves, 100 Comfortable Single Use Powder-Free, Latex-Free Rubber-Free, Multipurpose Protective Gloves for Cooking, Food Prep, Cleaning, and More
  • Protect Your Hands - Chef's Star disposable powder free vinyl gloves can handle all sorts of messy tasks. They are food grade gloves for cooking and food services as well as cleaning, painting, gardening, beauty treatments and more
  • Powder-Free Gloves - These gloves are latex-free and powder-free making them the perfect food handling gloves for, cooking, catering, cafeterias, and more. The easy grab and go design helps you waste no time during food preparation
  • Made of Thin, Durable Material - Our large disposable gloves are thin for comfort and flexibility while still strong and tear-resistant. These disposable kitchen gloves have a secure fit and come in various sizes
  • Versatile Size - Do you have trouble finding disposable work gloves that fit your hands? These stretchy large rubber gloves are designed to fit large and small hands comfortably
  • A Household Essential - Rubber gloves are not just for medical professionals. Every home needs a box of vinyl gloves for food prep and cleaning. They also work as hair coloring gloves, disposable bbq gloves, and nail tech gloves. Please note: You may receive the item in a different box than shown

Of course if this isn’t the type of gloves you need, or perhaps you want to explore other options, there are many. Some of the best-sellers are those below.

Best Selling Latex Free Gloves

SaleBestseller No. 1
Med PRIDE NitriPride Nitrile-Vinyl Blend Exam Gloves, Medium 100 - Powder Free, Latex Free & Rubber Free - Single Use Non-Sterile Protective Gloves for Medical Use, Cooking, Cleaning & More
  • 100% FREE OF LATEX, RUBBER, POWDER, PROTEIN: Protect your hands from any nasty bacteria with the most skin-friendly vinyl single use gloves. Completely Powder, Natural Latex, Rubber & Protein Free, these multipurpose gloves are perfect for an array of uses without causing the slightest discomfort. A safe choice even for people with skin sensitivities or those allergic to rubber and latex.
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY DURABLE NITRIPRIDE VINYL – NITRILE BLEND GLOVES: Made of the highest quality vinyl and Nitrile materials, the Medpride latex-free gloves are extra durable yet comfortable to your skin. Stronger and thicker than regular nitrile gloves, they offer improved tactile sensitivity and work great for both commercial or industrial use!
  • AMBIDEXTROUS GLOVES – BULK VALUE OF 100: Form fitting with an ambidextrous design, these medium single-use gloves are extremely easy to put on and remove without taking a toll on your dexterity. Coming in a great value-pack of 100 gloves, in a handy dispenser box for easy use and storage, you will always have access to a fresh pair of protective gloves!
  • ENDLESS USES FOR MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS & BEYOND: The medical quality exam gloves are great for doctors, medical experts, nurses, dentists, caretakers, veterinarians or any other health professional. Practical and versatile, they can be used for cooking and food prep services, pedicure, painting, cleaning and more. Plus, they double as protective gloves to safeguard your hands from common bacteria.
  • ORDER WITH PEACE OF MIND: Medpride is your trusted supplier of effective, top quality medical products that you can count on to equip your personal medical kit. Backed by a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, you have every good reason to choose the Medpride for all your at-home medical supplies!
SaleBestseller No. 2
[100 Count - Large] Nitrile Disposable Plastic Gloves - 4 mil. | Latex Free and Rubber Free | Non-Sterile Powder Free Gloves
  • The Nitrile gloves latex and powder free makeup make it the safest option over any rubber glove preventing allergy reactions in addition to its puncture and tearing
  • Free durable material which provide extra thickness and stretch
  • Creates a sophisticated and calming atmosphere
  • Ideal for versatile use, home, office, or industrial. Commonly utilized by professionals, tattoo artists, caterers, cleaners, janitors, painters and gardeners, even safe for kitchen use
SaleBestseller No. 3
Schneider Clear Vinyl Exam Gloves, 4-mil, Large 50-ct Box, Latex-Free, Disposable Gloves, Medical Gloves, Cleaning Gloves, Food Prep Gloves, Food Safe Rubber Gloves, Powder-Free, Non-Sterile
  • MEDICAL EXAM GLOVES: Our 4-mil vinyl exam gloves are thicker than typical food-service vinyl gloves. They're medical grade exam gloves, designed for health care professionals handling bodily fluids, helping build a reliable and affordable barrier protecting your health.
  • LATEX-FREE GLOVES: Vinyl gloves contain no natural rubber latex, unlike latex gloves; these disposable hypoallergenic gloves are powder-free and protein-free too, safe for users with glove allergies or skin sensitivities.
  • FOOD-SAFE GLOVES: Our vinyl gloves are powder free food grade gloves that can be used as disposable food gloves, cooking gloves, food handling gloves, and food service gloves. Affordable for frequent glove changes in light-duty applications.
  • SIZES & PACKAGING: 50/100 gloves per box, and in a case of 10 100-ct or 20 50-ct boxes, providing a load of 1000 gloves bulk. Case color-coded for small, medium, large, and extra large (XL) gloves. Our vinyl gloves are ambidextrous for men and women.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Our non-latex disposable gloves can be used for examination, hair dye, hair coloring, cleaning gloves, tattoo supplies, esthetician, food preparation, technician, veterinary, painting, beauty, plant cleaning, janitorial service, etc.
Bestseller No. 4
SwiftGrip Disposable Nitrile Exam Gloves, 3-mil, Black Nitrile Gloves Disposable Latex Free for Medical, Cooking & Esthetician, Food-Safe Rubber Gloves, Powder Free, Non-Sterile, 50-ct Box (Medium)
  • MEDICAL GLOVES: Our medical grade nitrile gloves passed rigorous medical glove quality tests. Thin but not "cheap", these 3-mil nitrile gloves provide good tactile sensitivity with reliable barrier protection from bodily fluid, soil & contaminants.
  • LATEX-FREE: Our latex-free nitrile gloves are ideal for users with latex allergies and skin sensitivities. These non-latex gloves are stretchy and snug, They conform to the shape of your hands like latex gloves, but are more puncture-resistant.
  • FOOD-SAFE: Our powder-free food-grade disposable gloves can be used as food gloves for food processing, food prep, and food handling. As food service gloves they are lightweight and waterproof - an economical solution for frequent glove changes.
  • SIZES & PACKAGING: Choose from 50ct boxes, or a case of 20 (50ct ea) - 1000 gloves bulk. Case color-coded differently for small, medium, large, and XL sizes. These ambidextrous gloves have a snug fit for men and women.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: These finger-textured nitrile gloves offer great dexterity and comfort, ideal for light-duty tasks such as examination, healthcare, household cleaning, food prep, food service, janitorial service, esthetician, barber, & salon.
SaleBestseller No. 5
Med PRIDE Medical Vinyl Examination Gloves (Large, 100-Count) Latex Free Rubber | Disposable, Ultra-Strong, Clear | Fluid, Blood, Exam, Healthcare, Food Handling Use | No Powder
  • Medical Exam Vinyl Gloves – Designed for handling bodily fluids, or for food service use, our latex-free gloves help provide reliable protection
  • Thick, Heavy-Duty Resilience – Crafted with a 4 mils thick PVC, these versatile medical gloves are stronger than nitrile or latex while still giving you the dexterity and control you need for needles or equipment.
  • Commercial or Industrial Use – These vinyl medical exam gloves can be used by emergency personnel, home or hospice care, lab technicians, elder care specialists, veterinarian and medical staff, and dental professionals.
  • Various Sizes Available – These power free exam gloves are 9.5” long, can be worn on either the right or left hand, and fit men and women equally. They also come in small, medium, large, and x-large sizes for more versatility.
  • Bulk Box Order – You’ll receive a total of 100 total gloves to suit any office or service need. And because they come in compact, stackable boxes, they’re easy to store, and they’re also disposable for quick, safe, and simple clean up.

One of the other items that have been on my shopping list since the pandemic started, and might be on yours are disposable masks. These have been a must have since day one, and you may need them too!

Below are some of the options available, but there are so many others. If you don’t see the style, type, or price-point you need below, click on any image to see other options, or to read reviews.

A couple of items that you might still have on your list to secure could be hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, and perhaps even liquid soap for your office or home. These are the items that you can’t have too much of and are still pretty hard to get. However not near as bad as it once was.

Hand Sanitizer for Your Home or Office

No products found.

Liquid Hand Soap and Soap Dispensers

No products found.

I hope that these are the products that you need in your real estate business during these challenging times. Of course, if you need other items, you can click on any link above and be taken to Amazon where you will see an even larger selection of items.

Having trouble finding something you need, you can also contact me directly. I am a real estate agent as well and have had pretty good success locating items to keep myself and my clients safe during this pandemic.

Save up to 70% on!

Have other tips, or suggestions for items? Please comment below, and let’s share with one another so we can keep our business as safe as any for ourselves and our real estate clients.

Please note, that the links on this page may be affiliate links, including some that are Amazon Affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I may also receive compensation from other vendors, but you do not however pay more!

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