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Open House and Brokers Open Supplies

Make Your Next Brokers Open or Open House a Success

Open House RegistryOpen Houses are the bread and butter of most real estate professionals, and Realtors business models. They are a great way to market a home, market your business, and also a great way to meet new buyers, and sell the home that you are hosting open. They are usually a win-win proposition, that is if you don’t mind giving up most of your Saturday, or Sunday, and if you plan ahead by having the right marketing materials.

I have learned in my own business, that I can do my open houses like everyone else, and have a minimum number of people attend, or I can try to be creative, and really have a lot of people show up. The more eyes, the better chance of selling the home, or picking up a new client. My attitude is, if I am giving up my time, and my energy, then I need to be rewarded.

Brokers Opens on the other hand are a great way to introduce the home to the market, and also to your fellow Realtors. Offering food and/or drink are the norm, but not a necessity. May of the supplies you would need for either a Brokers Open, or Open House would be the same, except your food and beverage supplies would most likely vary.

Anyway, these are some great items that are available right now on Amazon, click the images to see reviews, photos, and the latest pricing.

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Open House  & Brokers Open Signs

Open House and directional signs are a must for a successful open house. These are some that I have used, and those that I would want to try very soon, or have seen used by other Realtors. Just a reminder,  you will help me pay for my site by using these Amazon Affiliate links. You still get the same great pricing, but they do pay me a small fee for referring you to their products.

Guest Books – Make sure Your Guests Register

To have a successful open house, you should always have a guest book of some kind available, both to take names of those visiting to follow-up with, and also for security of the home. There are many types available, find one that matches your style of personality.

Balloons for Your Open House

Balloons are a traditional method to grab attention to your open house, and to draw attention to the directional signage that you use to get your guests there. Kids love them too, if you


Open House Banners

Want to make yourself stand out, these banners are really effective, and will make you stand out in the market.


Open House & Brokers Open Directional Signage

Don’t forget to have adequate signage to get your fellow Realtors, and your future clients to the home that you are hosting open. You can never have too many, unless local restrictions say not to. Nothing worse than getting a call from a future client who has gotten lost trying to get to your listing.


Open House & Brokers Open Shoe Covers

Don’t run the risk, make sure to protect your clients homes flooring surfaces and finishes, by having these handy shoe covers available for your Brokers Opens, and Open Houses.


Supplies for Your Brokers Open

One of the more pleasurable we do as Real Estate Professionals is tour the homes that our colleagues list for sale, and often times we get to do that during Brokers Opens. Always a good time, especially when done well.

When you are hosting, it is even more important to make sure you have the proper supplies available, to allow for quick set-up, and take-down. Remember, in real estate time is money!


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