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Marketing open houses using balloons, usually filled with helium, has been around for about as long a real estate sales itself. Now, as well as the typical helium filled balloons, you now have new shapes, sizes, and materials, as you can see below. Some styles of balloons, are even permanent, allowing for them to be re-used, over and over again.

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Open House Balloons

Traditional, mylar, and semi-permanent/permanent open house balloons.

Open House Balloon Helium and Supplies

Helium tanks, and accessories, for open house balloons.

Balloons – Other Styles

Balloons can be used for so many purposes in real estate. These are some other styles of balloons to consider in marketing your real estate listings.

Other Open House Supplies and Equipment

Shop for other products for your real estate open houses.

Open House Signs and Accessories

Signage, riders, directional arrows, and much more for open houses, and brokers opens.