Reusable Masks for Real Estate Agents

Reusable mask for real estate agents on a desk, with pens and post-it notes

Protect yourself and your clients by wearing a reusable mask when you show homes

Now that what we all hope is the worst of the coronavirus outbreak is behind us, in most areas of the country we can now show homes more freely than before.

I know in my market open houses were forbidden, and though showing homes was allowed, it was complicated due to not being able to get proper masks, gloves, disinfectant wipes, etc.

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Even now in my market, we are now required to have forms signed to confirm compliance with CDC guidelines by both the real estate agent and their clients.

Those coronavirus safety forms have to be signed by both buyers and sellers, as well as their representing agent. The forms have to be signed before any home is shown, no matter the situation or urgency.

Now that spring market is upon us, and the coronavirus, though still an obstacle, is more manageable many of us have begun showing homes.

I have in the past been able to secure disposable masks like the ones seen below, but I’m considering an “upgrade” to a reusable mask.

Face Mask, Pack of 50
  • This is a general use face mask.
  • This mask is not intended for medical use, and not proven to reduce the transmission of disease.
  • Pack of 50 masks. These masks should be disposed of after each use.
  • Keep the blue-side outside and the nose clip on the upper side.
  • 3-ply, with a melt-blown polypropylene filtration layer.

One reason is that I can express a bit more of my personality in wearing one of these reusable masks. Another reason is that since they are reusable, it may be a bit less expensive as I find myself out and about in public more often. Using a mask on a daily basis instead of just a couple days a week.

One style of mask I am considering is one of the “Realtor” themed masks like those below.

I feel that when showing property, having one of these on could be even better security, as well as safety.

These can be worn in public places like the grocery store, on a walk in the city, or maybe a trip to the mall, these would be great for the “passive” marketing of my real estate business. Much like when wearing your Realtor or real estate brand logo on your lapel when out and about.

The masks below are seven (7) of the best sellers on Amazon. Click on this link, or any image below to see the many other styles and options now available.

Myself I plan to buy more than one since they will need to be laundered often, so having a backup or two would be necessary.

Reusable Masks with Realtor Branding or Logo

Of course there are many instances that you may not want to “advertise” that you are in real estate, and in some instances it may even be frowned upon.

The more generic or plain masks below are some of the best selling masks on Amazon that fit those criteria. They will allow you to protect yourself and others when in public. Yet, they will go with any outfit and can be worn on any occasion.

Reusable Masks – Generic Styles

Not as popular, but a mask style you may be considering if your health situation warrants it may be a reusable mask with a filter. Here a few of the best-sellers below, but there are many others here at this link.

Reusable Mask with Filter

I would highly suggest clicking on the images below to read reviews, and make sure that the mask is the best for your situation. Your health is nothing to play with and I want you to be safe.

Other mask styles and options can be seen by clicking here.

Our spring real estate market this year is much different than last year, or any other. Yes, we must take precautions like disinfecting surfaces and wearing masks, but that is for our and our client’s safety.

Yes, it is a challenge, but if done properly it can become part of your real estate showing “routine”, and can become just another task to do.

One of the easiest ways to get to that point is to start now by having ample supplies on hand of anything you might need to keep yourself and your clients safe from COVID-19.

Shop at!

Have proper safety items on hand, make it quick and easy to get back to the business of helping people buy and sell houses.

Do you have other suggestions? Perhaps you have experience of wearing masks, any tips making it more comfortable you want to share? Maybe you are making masks yourself, let us know how you are doing that? Post your comments in the space below, I will look forward to reading them.

A reminder that the links on this page may be affiliate links, including some that are Amazon Affiliate links. I may earn a small commission for qualifying purchases through the links (at no cost to you). This does not change my opinion of the product or service but does help to support the site. Thank you!

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