The St. Patrick’s Day Card – Surprise Your Real Estate Clients

Black pot of gold with shamrocks of multi-colors - St Patrick's day cards - surprise your clients

“Touch” Your Real Estate Clients with a a St. Patrick’s Day Card

A St. Patrick’s Day card is a great real estate “touch” idea for this March and Spring.

It’s most likely been a few months since you have “touched” your past real estate clients hasn’t it? Most likely the last time you reached out to them was the Christmas or Hanukkah holiday season. That is often a time when Realtors touch base with their past clients, so it’s been several months.

Make some “luck” happen by investing in this inexpensive way to reach out to past clients. It will most likely be unexpected since most agents won’t even think about it. That is until now if they read this post.

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St. Patrick’s Day is coming up in March, and that is a great time to send a greeting card to past clients, future clients (if you have their address), and your sphere of influence.

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Greeting cards for St. Patrick’s Day don’t cost a lot, don’t require a lot of time to prepare, and you can be as creative as you want, expressing your “style” since there are so many design options.

Your clients will be super surprised to hear from you. They will also be reminded of the upcoming holiday so they can start making their fun plans.

An added bonus for you is that it will not only allow you to “touch” them, but also to remind them with the Spring selling season being around the corner, that you are their real estate professional!

St. Patrick’s Day is a great time to share your warmth, personality, and your desire to help your clients with their real estate needs.

St. Patrick’s Day Cards – General

There are so many options available to St. Patrick’s Day cards. You can be creative and use crafts supplies to make your own. You can be humorous and send a funny one. You can also send a more business oriented card, which will still be a great way to “touch” your past and future clients.

St. Patricks’s Day Cards – Funny or Humorous

If your clients know you to have a great sense of humor, and you want to share it, these cards are great. You can be as funny as much, or as little as you want when sending one of these cards.

Just a note, make sure you don’t send a card that may be misunderstood by a client, or could cause offense.

St. Patrick’s Day Cards – Bulk

If you have a LOT of past and future clients to send greeting cards to, build St. Patrick’s Day cards may be your best option. There are still many styles to choose from.

St. Patrick’s Day Clothing for Men, Women & Children

You can’t celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at the office, and not have the garments. Take a look at these fun items for celebrating the holiday, both at work, and with friends at the local bar or restaurant.

St. Patrick’s Day Decorations

Host a small St. Patrick’s Day gathering at your real estate office, or perhaps rent a place nearby. You can decorate it with any of this selection of holiday decor made specifically for the holiday. Invite both past and current clients, and make a fun event out of it!

Please note, that the links on this page may be affiliate links, including some that are Amazon Affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I may also receive compensation from other vendors, but you do not however pay more!

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