St. Patrick’s Day Pop-By Gifts for Real Estate

St. Patrick's Day Pop-By Gifts for Real Estate overlay on shamrocks

Surprise Your Real Estate Clients for the St. Patrick’s Day Holiday

The Christmas and Hanukkah seasons have long past, and the gifts you gave your real estate clients then may have since been forgotten. What better time to remind them that you are their real estate professional, than March and the St. Patrick’s Day holiday.

One great reason to pop-by your clients with a gift for St. Patrick’s Day is that it won’t be expected. Many folks celebrate the holiday, whether they are Irish or not. However, few people and especially businesses give gifts.

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A second reason is that St. Patrick’s Day is a great holiday to use as a theme for gifts since you can be as fun, whimsical, or creative as you like. Their are so many options for gifts as you will see.

Another great reason for giving a gift for St. Patrick’s Day is that the month of March is still winter in most parts of the country, but the Spring selling season is just months away. That means you will remind your clients that not only are you still in real estate, but that you are their Realtor, or real estate agent.

I will say it again, one great reason is that you are express your personality with your gift giving, being as fun and frivolous as you like.

Their are so many fun options, and what better time to let your personality shine, then for St. Patrick’s Day, and a pop-by gift.

Also, don’t forget that since you will be visiting your clients in person, let your personality show too with what you are wearing.

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You can wear earrings with the St. Patrick’s Day theme. How about a St. Patrick’s Day tie, or a themed hat? To make it simple, and to be more casual, or if it is warm out, perhaps a fun St. Patrick’s day t-shirt. Cold out, you can wear a sweatshirt, sweater, vest or even a suit with the St. Patrick’s Day theme. Here are some other options in St. Patrick’s Day clothing.

So, I hope you are coming up with a LOT of great ideas, and that you will take this time before the St. Patrick’s Day holiday to come up with a great pop-by for your clients.

Want to share your ideas, or if you tried something else for the holiday, please share your comments in the space at the bottom of this post.

St. Patrick’s Day Gift Baskets, Gifts, Crafts and Supplies

Take a look at this selection of St. Patrick’s Day themed gift baskets, gifts, and craft supplies to make your own gifts and baskets. Click on any image to learn more, read reviews, and shop.

Make Your Own St. Patrick’s Day Gift Basket

If you are the creative sort, and would prefer to make your own St. Patrick’s Day gift basket, here are the supplies, and baskets you will need to get started. Everything you need is right here, and if you don’t see something, click on any image to shop other products.

Gift Baskets and Supplies in Green

Just a few of the gifts, and gift basket supples that have are “green” in color, so perfect for sharing during the St. Patrick’s Day holiday season for a pop-by gift.

St. Patrick’s Day Greeting Cards

Would you rather just send a card this year, or perhaps no time to deliver a pop-by? St. Patrick’s Day cards are a great idea since they once again are unexpected, and remind your clients well before the Spring selling season that you are their real estate agent.

Let’s you know that you are thinking about your client too by sending them a fun card!

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