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Umbrella during a rainstorm - waterproof booties for real estate

Waterproof Booties for Real Estate

There is no need for your feet to suffer in wet weather. Always keep or wear waterproof, breathable booties for more enjoyable journeys.

Waterproof boots can protect you and your feet from harsh winter conditions to the summer’s rainy water puddles. You can use them for style or only for footwear.

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Man wearing a reusable mask in his real estate business

Reusable Face Masks for Real Estate Agents

Now that what we all hope is the worst of the coronavirus outbreak is behind us, in most areas of the country we can now show homes more freely than before.

I know in my market open houses were forbidden, and though showing homes was allowed, it was complicated due to not being able to get proper masks, gloves, disinfectant wipes, etc.

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White latex gloves on females hand - Latex-Free Gloves for Real Estate Agents

Latex-Free Gloves for Real Estate Agents

Disposable Gloves for Realtors and Real Estate Professionals to Use for Open Houses, Showings, and Marketing Tasks During these challenging times of viruses, influenza, and other threats many boards of Realtors and real estate associations are suggesting to members that they use latex-free gloves. Realtor

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